Headshot As you already know, my name is Gill Potter.  My interests and passions are in the use of data and insights to build really cool stuff.  For the past ten years I’ve been working in healthcare, the industry is such a shocking mix of hope and tragedy it is amazing.  Most recently the advancements in cloud technology, analytical platforms and insight development has kept me excited for the future.  Calm leadership, flexibility and developing challenging insights is my core.  I seek to find that tension where the new ideas happen and work with teams that love the challenge.

I was born and raised in Louisville, KY.  As many do from my home town, I chose college as far away as I could get.  Enter Connecticut College.  There I studied Math and Theater, ultimately getting a degree in Theatrical Lighting Design and moved to New York.

When I first moved to New York, there were visions of being a lighting designer.  That turned out to be a lot less fun to do as a job then I wanted.  It was 1997 and if you could spell the word internet, you could start as a consultant.  Working in a small, now defunct, consulting firm I helped grow was the best experience I could get right out of college.  The firm built a few cool products, but along with the dot-coms, we crashed.

Business school was my next stop, given all the various choices, it was going to be fun to move back closer to home.  Got my MBA in Finance and Marketing, but took all the stats classes and operational research classes I could fit.  Geography took my to Humana.  From Humana to Blue Shield and from there to consulting in the bay area.  If you want the details, find me on LinkedIn.

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